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 9 Dragons Hexa      


Swapping game in hexa shape.

Date: 2014/6/3  |  Hits: 1599  |  Rating: 8.00 (1 vote)  |  Rate this game   



Use the arrow keys to capture the green balls with your white ball. Avoid the red balls at all cost.

Other balls may appear and have a temporary effect when you get them.

Date: 2014/6/19  |  Hits: 1625  |  Rating: 9.00 (1 vote)  |  Rate this game   

 Deal Or No Deal      


Just like the TV show!

Date: 2014/5/17  |  Hits: 1794  |  Rating: 6.00 (1 vote)  |  Rate this game   

 Simpsons Millionaire      


Simpsons quiz based on "Who wants to be a milionaire".

Date: 2007/8/2  |  Hits: 3768  |  Rating: 7.50 (2 votes)  |  Rate this game   



Similar to Othello, your goal is to capture *and keep* as many places as possible. Whether you win
or lose, your score - the number of hexxagons you occupy - is saved.

Author: Paule Neave

Date: 2007/7/28  |  Hits: 3780  |  Rating: 8.00 (1 vote)  |  Rate this game   



Well, everybody knows this game. It's a bit different then the windows-game, but while playing it you'll understand the game.

Author: eppoeh

Date: 2007/7/28  |  Hits: 4021  |  Rating: 8.00 (1 vote)  |  Rate this game   



Click on two adjacent jewels to swap them and form three or more of the same jewel in a row or column. New jewels will fall to take their place. Bonus level at every 5th level starting with level 10.

Author: Ron North

Date: 2007/7/28  |  Hits: 4229  |  Rating: 5.00 (1 vote)  |  Rate this game   



click 2 blocks with the same picture on it to remove them FROM the field. Try to go tru 15 levels. When you get the message that there aren't any possible moves any more then have to click the "ok"-button first before you leave the game to get your score.

Author: Sephiroth

Date: 2007/7/28  |  Hits: 4287  |  Rating: 10.00 (1 vote)  |  Rate this game   

 Squareman 2      


Help Squareman through the maze!

Date: 2008/4/25  |  Hits: 4494  |  Rating: 9.00 (1 vote)  |  Rate this game   



This is the first real game made to use the save and LOAD features. As you solve the puzzles, your progress is recorded so the next time you come back, you start FROM where you left off. A start over button is provided in case you get stuck!

Author: David Calhoun

Date: 2007/7/28  |  Hits: 4702  |  Rating: 9.00 (1 vote)  |  Rate this game   

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